Mexican Flag Shakers

Spanish Heritage Month
4 Days


1.    Anticipatory Set: Wearing a sombrero, I will introduce my puppet. We will talk about Hispanic Heritage month.
•    I will show them a map of the world and point out Mexico.
•    We will look at the Mexican flag and talk about the colors.
•    Talk about music in Mexican culture.

2.    Objectives/Purpose:
Students will enhance their knowledge of Hispanic culture by:
o    Creating a musical instrument—shaker/ maraca using Mexican colors.
o    Learn the Mexican Hat Dance using the shakers they made.

3.    Materials:
Paper towel rolls, markers, beans or rice, scissors, embellishments, colored paper cut to size.

4.    Standards:
•    V.A. 3: Students know and apply visual arts materials, tools, techniques, and processes.
•    V.A. 4: Students relate the visual arts to various historical and cultural traditions.

5.    Preparation:
•    Cut paper to size.
•    Have one side of the rolls taped down already.
6.    Procedure:
Day 1:
While students are doing the steps below I will call students up, one at a time to fill shakers and tape tops on.
1.    I will hand out one white sheet of paper to each student, then assign partners for them to cut red and green paper.
2.    They will glue the colored paper on the ends of the white paper. DOT, DOT, DOT, NOT A WHOLE LOT.  
3.    Cut out pre-drawn ovals for the eyes and glue on.
4.    Cut a triangle after tracing with stencil.
           Day 2:
•    We will glue paper around toilet paper rolls with feathers.
•    Put beans inside and then tape the tops down.
•    I will glue on googly eyes with hot glue.
•    Let dry.
Day 3:
•    Finish making shakers.
•    Students will learn the Mexican Hat Dance using their shakers as an instrument.
Day 4: 
•    With extra time we can play the freeze game with our shakers.
•    Students can also make their own flag using stencils and markers.

7.    Checking for Understanding:
Ask the students what they need to do at the end of the demonstration.
Also go step by step when making the shaker, make sure no one is behind.

8.    Accommodations/Modifications:
Have students that were able to cut help those that cannot.

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