Soaring Spanish Birds

Spanish Heritage Month
1st Grade
4 Days

1.    Anticipatory Set: 
•    Sit on the floor and we will talk about birds in Mexico. I will show them the project we are doing.
•    Then I will have the students stand up and we will pretend we are birds flying around the room.  We will fly and sit down in a circle to talk about procedure of the project.
2.    Objectives/Purpose:
Students will :
•    Students will learn the significance/symbolism of birds in Mexican culture.
•    They will learn sculptural techniques: roll, pinch, pull and flatten using model magic.
•    They will choose warm or cool colors and simple designs similar to those of Mexican folk art to create a feeling in their artwork.
3.    Materials:
Model magic, markers, ribbon, fishing line, wire (loops), branch, sculpting tools.
4.    Standards:
a.    V.A. 3: Students know and apply visual arts materials, tools, techniques, and processes.
b.    V.A. 4: Students relate the visual arts to various historical and cultural traditions.
5.    Preparation:
•    Have wire loops ready to glue/put onto birds.
•    Examples of birds in art and real birds large and laminated (2 Each).
•    Color warm and cool colors on white board for students to look at.
6.    Procedure:
•    Day 1: Demonstration on the floor in a circle so I can see that everyone is looking and paying attention. Students use pinch and pull techniques to make their birds.  Those that are done, I will glue a loop onto the bird.
•    Day 2: Coloring the birds and have students redo that need to. Remind them about the feeling that their bird has just by color choice.
•    Day 3: Beads and embellishments.
•    Day 4: Finish and very simple critique.
7.    Checking for Understanding:
Have students check their neighbors to see if they are doing it right. Stop students who are getting far ahead and have them show others that aren’t getting it.
8.    Accommodations/Modifications:
Help students that physically can’t do it, by rolling a ball, pinching, etc…they can put it together and color it.

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