Recycled Tin Art

Explore-Recycled Art
7th & 8th Grades
1 week

Anticipatory Set:
Show images of tinwork and discuss Mexican Culture.
Recycled newspaper printing plates, acrylic paint, pliers, paint brushes, large paper (for design), sharpies, bottle caps.

Preparation: Print images and hang on board. Poster of Mexican Tin Art.
Mexican Tin art
Show students how to layer and bend the tin.
How to attach the tin layers with bolt.
Complimentary colors.

Balance, contrast, color, form.

1. Students will draw design. I will encourage them to draw at least three designs and pick their favorite.

2. Start by drawing design on tin

3. Cut out tin pieces. Layer and bend tin to make 3D.

4. Then attach tin layers with bolt and embellish with bottle cap.

5. Paint using bright colors and complimentary colors.

Checking for understanding:
Review and call out one student who isn’t raising their hand.

Critique and Rubric
Rubric. If time allows, I will go around to each student and talk to them about their reflection—we will decide on a grade together.


1. What do you like best about this art piece?


2. What problems did you encounter and how did you fix them?


3. Did you enjoy this assignment? What did you learn from it?


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